AHS is Gas Safe registered (formally Corgi), number 46204. The number is low as we joined in 1988 when it was not statute law to do so. AHS engineering staff have passed A.C.S. certification in each part of their gas work. These elements are listed below and comprise of the range that we possess to complete the variety of work we undertake for both domestic work up to 70kw or 35mm pipework & commercial works.

AHS have engineers with these certificates, so you can be sure we are trained and have passed external assessment to work on these various categories.

CCN1 – Gas Safetey WAT1 – Water heater
CEN1 – Heating Boilers DAH1 – Warm air units
CKR1 – Cookers CODNCO1 – Changeover domestic to commercial gas
CIGA1 – Indirect heating HTR1 – Gas fires and space heaters
TCP1A – Testing & Purging to 150mm MET1 – Meters
LPG1 – Liquid Petroleum Gas CAE1 – First fix commercial appliances <75m/bar
CIGA1 – Indirect Fire Appliances TCP1A – Commercial testing & purging to 150mm
CONGLP1PD – LPG Safety permanent dwellings CONGLP1RPH – LPG safety residential park homes
CONGLP1LAV – LPG Leisure accommodation vehicle OPH – Overhead plaque & radiant tube heaters
CITB – Unvented hot water – Reg:00130436/1 OFTEC – Reg:C5632
dNIEC Part P – Defines scope level B 06/dis103/1000 OFTEC – Technician Reg:C5633
dSDHWH – Solar bpec certified No. 44826 BES Energy efficiency accreditation Reg:00130436

AHS will register your gas/oil installation with GAS SAFE/OFTEC online with current Building Regulations upon completion, who will in turn issue a completion certificate for incorporation into the home owners pack along side the ‘Benchmark booklet’ left with the boiler installation. The ‘Homeowners Pack’ became a mandatory requirement in Jan 2007.

AHS can also work on non domestic gas supply systems up to 150mm in diameter, or 1000 litre in capacity with a diaphragm gas meter

AHS can offer advice on Energy Efficiency Best Practice in Housing in line with the current ‘Building Regulations Part L’ Central Heating System Specifications Year 2010. AHS is ‘OFTEC’ registered for full oil tank, heating installations and servicing/commissioning in line with current Building Regulations. (ALL non-registered OFTEC engineers will require the Building control officer to be notified of any oil tank or boiler installation so they can inspect it upon completion, a charge is levied for this by them. Non compliance could invalidate manufacturer’s warranties.)

AHS engineers service/commission gas & oil burners. We are able to install a vast range of gas & oil appliances for many domestic & commercial applications. These installations range from new gas & oil heating systems to full repair and maintenance on existing units. We have electronic combustion analysers to provide full commissioning reports.

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