What we Offer

AHS engineers service/commission gas & oil burners. We are able to install a vast range of gas & oil appliances for many domestic & commercial applications. These installations range from new gas & oil heating systems to full repair and maintenance on existing units. We have electronic combustion analysers to provide full commissioning reports.

Boiler Installation
Boiler Repair/Service
L.P.G / Natural Gas
Central Heating Filters
Underfloor Heating

Boiler Installation

AHS can design and install a vast array of domestic/commercial boilers.

We will offer impartial advice with various options to meet your design and budget needs.

A survey is generally completed beforehand enabling the work to be quantified and costing clearly set out for your clarification.


Boiler Repair/Services

We provide a proactive breakdown service to all fuel makes and models.

Same-day service is generally available to serve breakdowns especially if you are older or have special needs.

Servicing to all fuels is generally completed during the warmer months so that they are running at their highest efficiency when they are in most demand

This enables us to be more reactive when the need for a fast response is required during the colder months.

Central Heating Filters

New boilers are less tolerant to iron oxides (sludge) than older boilers.

The favoured options are generally to cleanse (power flush) the existing system boiler before replacement.

Various devises are now on the market which will provide the 2nd tier of protection for the new boilers

They offer further protection by using a magnetic field contained within a vessel or vortex technology.

These collect any oxides and foreign objects for removal during the annual service visit.


A full plumbing service is offered including design advice.

This can be for less abled applications, from modern bathrooms to commercial installations.

Visit our Gallery to see examples of our work on Bathrooms and Wetrooms over the years.



This is a relatively new concept with much confusion abound and many falsely stated performance figures.

The government grants come and go in many shapes and guises so it is difficult to offer extended clarity.

Due to the above, it is best to contact us early in the design project for the latest advice.

Underfloor Heating

There a various ways of installing wet underfloor heating to suit most households.

This is a heating concept that has seen a huge rise in recent years.

Although not suitable for areas of high solar gain it provides a unique heating gain quite different to most other means.

It is economically best installed as part of a new build or renovation.


Commercial works on gas/oil start at appliance input ratings 70kw>, or pipework from 35mm> as long as it contains a total installation volume of less than 0.035m3, a U16 meter can be used depending on overall volume not exceeding 0.035m3.

Generally, we will design the installations by working with builders/architects in the planning stages.

We offer a full installation and maintenance program with annual planned works.


Liquefied petroleum gas can be a preferred option where off mains and oil air are not viable options.

It can be stored below or above ground in bottles or in bulk storage.

Bottles tend to be used for fires, cookers or low output appliances & bulk storage tanks for boilers.

Various regulations will need to be adhered to if this option is to be considered.

Natural Gas

Although all fuel costs have risen sharply this is still the dominant fuel in the market due to the network and economic running costs.

Since 2005 all new gas boilers have been the efficient condensing type which extracts more heat from the combustion gasses adding further to its dominance in the market.


Most oil installations are generally in outlying areas and require suitable space for an oil tank depending on the boiler input.

All installing, commissioning and servicing are undertaken by our specially trained Oftec registered engineers.